What do we teach now? Process Collection.

A not-so-quiet revolution is unfolding in the technology space that has enormous implications for writing and assessment in education.

At even a slight bit of inspection, such as writing an essay structure in Moonbeam, and you’re clearly confronted with the realization that things have changed and this marks an inflection point. From here, the technology will only get better. For me, this marks one of three major interactions with technology that forced a realization that things had changed fundamentally (the other two being computers and then the read/write web).

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The Comprehensive Learner Record Standard

The Comprehensive Learner Record Standard™ (CLR Standard™) is a new generation of secure and verifiable learning and employment records supporting academic and workplace recognition and achievements including courses, competencies and skills and employer-based achievements and milestones.

The Comprehensive Learner Record Standard™ from 1EdTech is a technical specification designed to support traditional academic programs, co-curricular and competency-based education as well as employer-based learning and development—in any domain where it’s important to capture and communicate a learner’s and worker’s achievements in verifiable, digital form.

Designed to be used, curated, and controlled by the learner, the CLR Standard™ is a modern and web-friendly interoperable learner record structured for easy understanding yet flexible enough to support a wide range of use cases to meet the needs of learners and workers, registrars and employers.

The CLR Standard leverages the Open Badges standard and is compatible with the W3C Verifiable Credentials and the Credential Engine Registry.

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