Just Learn

At JUST LEARN, we have been using technology to deliver training and performance support in organisations for nearly twenty years.

We have helped organisations access opportunities to add value as well as experiencing the challenges which had to be overcome.

In this time we have learnt that whilst technology provides us with an opportunity to add value to our lives and to our organisations, the secret of any technology initiative is that it is not a technology initiative – it is an end user initiative.

So along the way, we will ask you some awkward questions, such as:

How will this project make things better for your staff and customers?

The services we offer are based on our years of experience, as well as research which we and others have carried out into the effective use of technology within the fields of training and performance improvement.


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What do we teach now? Process Collection.

A not-so-quiet revolution is unfolding in the technology space that has enormous implications for writing and assessment in education. At even a slight bit of inspection, such as writing an essay structure in Moonbeam, and you’re clearly confronted with the realization that things have changed and this marks an inflection point. From here, the technology …

The Comprehensive Learner Record Standard

The Comprehensive Learner Record Standard™ (CLR Standard™) is a new generation of secure and verifiable learning and employment records supporting academic and workplace recognition and achievements including courses, competencies and skills and employer-based achievements and milestones. The Comprehensive Learner Record Standard™ from 1EdTech is a technical specification designed to support traditional academic programs, co-curricular and …