What is e-Learning
(and how can we help)

Pick up a training magazine, and you will probably read that you should be including e-learning (in one form or another) within your training strategy - but what is it, and why should you?

A simple definition of e-learning is "using information technology to facilitate/deliver a training or learning experience". But there is more to it, than just the technology.

Much of the focus on e-learning in recent years has been focussed on the technology, especially the Internet and web based applications, but when it comes to e-learning you must never forget about the learning part of the equation.

So how can you use these technology applications to add value to your training and development proposition? Well that's our purpose at JUST LEARN to help you to use technology to deliver training.

The e-learning market place is developing rapidly, and as the market matures, so we are seeing some consolidation amongst the providers in the market. However, there are still many hundreds of companies you can turn to for advise or sales.

At JUST LEARN, we believe the next major development in e-learning will be a focussing on the quality of the learning experience. Discussions will move away from the technology and which method of delivering "learning" is best and onto the learning itself.

We believe that discussions about which is better - e-learning or traditional training (however you define traditional training - tutor-led, coaching, mentoring, on-the-job, etc.), are now largely irrelevant. Each method has its' own advantages and disadvantages, and each learner has their own preference of method used.

The services and products we offer at JUST LEARN are designed to help you develop and deliver the best and most appropriate learning to your learners be that technology based or other more traditional techniques.

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